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Changing your settings

To change your settings, go to your user page and click on the Change profile and settings button. That will take you to a page where you can change your credentials and settings.

In the Settings form on the top of the page, you can change your user name, your preferred language and decide if your profile should be visible publicly. Your preferred language is the language a page will be in if you access the Map Collector site without specifying a language. You can always change the current language using the Language menu, but if you want to change your preferred language, you have to do it in your settings. For users that aren't logged in, the default language is English.

If you check the "Show profile publicly" box, your user name, profile picture and statistics will be shown publicly and a link to your profile will be publicly available in the list of users. Your email address and your password are never shown publicly. If you don't check this checkbox, only you and administrators will be able to see anything at all related to your profile. Any other user will see a 401 Unauthorized error page when trying to access your user page.

You can change your profile picture on the bottom of the settings page. If you want to use a custom picture, create a Gravatar account and select the Gravatar option in the list.

The "Mapvatar" option allows you to have a Map Collector map as a profile picture. If there is a line in any place where you can collect maps in Map Collector with a letter corresponding to the first letter of your email address, your mapvatar will be the map of one of those lines. Otherwise, your mapvatar will be a map of a line with a number.

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