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Playing with money

When you start a new game, you can choose whether to play with time or money by using the dropdown list to the left of the New Game button. When you play with money, you have as much time as you want to collect all maps, but going to different stations costs money and you only have a limited amount of money that you can use during each game month. If you manage to collect all maps and still have money left, you can keep that money for the next game month.

Most places have fare zones. These fare zones are visible no matter if you are playing with time or money, but only have an effect when you're playing with money. The fare zones are colored in white, green or yellow. Some places also have a regional boundary. In that case, the area outside of the region is colored in red. Some places also have sea, lakes and rivers colored in blue, but these have no effect on the game.

Going to another station costs a different amount of money depending on how many fare zones you go through. Here is a list of those fares:

Some places like New York don't have any zones. In those places, any travel costs $1, except walking connections which are free.

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