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Starting a new game

When you first open the homepage or when you press the New Game button in the toolbar, you will see a New Game window which allows you to choose which place you want to play in:

New Game window

This window contains 3 parts:

  1. A list of all places that are available
  2. Details about the selected place
  3. A list to select if you want to play with time or money and if you want to play alone or a two-player game

To start a new game, click on a place in (1).

Places with a lock on them are only available to premuim users.

If you have a premium account and you're logged in, you will see an "Open Saved Game" tab next to the New Game tab (4). If you click on that tab, you will see a list of your saved games. In order to open a saved game, you need to double click on it, single clicking will only select it.

The part with details about the selected place (2) contains the following details:

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